Our Company is a leading coffee exporter in Ethiopia. Overall, the business portfolio of Alfoz PLC could be categorized as Export, Import, Coffee Farm & Coffee Processing, Animal Fattening, Meat, and Dairy Product Development, farming, and Real Estate Development. 

Alfoz plc is well expanding its business into the Livestock sector. The company has acquired a 700ha land from Oromia regional state in the East-Shewa zone, near Adamitulu in a place named Abernossa which is 180 km away from Addis Ababa. From this animal ranch, Alfoz plc has the interest to intervene in multiple areas along the livestock value-chain where it can make an impact on the national economy and generate long-term profit. Namely, Alfoz PLC has engaged or is currently under implementation in the following sub-sectors:

  • Livestock fattening
  • Animal Feed Production
  • Animal Breading
  • Abattoir Service & Meat processing
  • Dairy Processing
  • Agriculture/farming